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O Firmie - 2018-04-26

NSK academy now in Spanish and French

NSK’s online training platformwww.nskacademy.com – is now supported by versions in both Spanish and French. These languages add to the existing English and German options.

Among the aims of the NSK academy, which was launched in 2017, is to deliver a series of technical courses focusing on the latest NSK services and technologies, and their correct application and maintenance. A range of online self-study training modules, technical seminars and apps are offered, providing users with the opportunity to improve their existing knowledge and practical skills.

Modules include ‘Bearing Basics’, which is aimed at those involved in MRO, OEM, distribution and logistics functions, while a number of maintenance-related tutorials are also available.

The video tutorials for each module show in a clear and concise manner how AIP+ Maintenance Tools from NSK can help maximise machine performance and operating life. These include the LAB-Set laser alignment tool for belts, LAS-Set laser alignment tool for shafts, induction heaters and mechanical tools.

Registered academy users can obtain a certificate upon module completion, each of which requires a 75% success rate in answering questions.

Among the apps included on the site is the NSK Bearing Doctor app for stress-free troubleshooting. Bearing Doctor is designed to help identify issues at an early stage, thus allowing preventative measures to be taken before costly failures occur.

Ultimately, NSK academy provides an essential guide to working with bearings, highlighting best practice strategies that can help to realise and maintain the profitable operation of machinery.

As a point of note, some modules are not yet available in all languages, but will be translated in the near future.

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