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O Firmie - 2014-10-08

NSK releases new movie: Super Precision bearing manufacture at Newark UK factory

In order to meet market demands for higher speeds, reliability and individual product traceability, NSK has invested consistently in new materials and production techniques at its Newark UK manufacturing plant. NSK is proud to show customers its facilities and has released a virtual tour that provides viewers with a real insight into the production environment without coming to the plant.

Products manufactured at the Newark plant, which has been a site of bearing manufacture for over 100 years, include a wide range of Super Precision bearings that enable machine tools to operate at higher speeds and help deliver greater accuracy and performance. 

The new virtual plant tour takes the viewer on a journey through a state-of-the-art production facility producing Super Precision Robust bearings for the international market. The process begins with steel bar and tube, which is then cut, machined, ground, hardened, finish ground and assembled, tested and lubricated, then marked and packaged. The change from raw steel through increasingly fine processing stretches from traditional mechanical metal cutting and heat treatment processes to outstanding clean room environment assembly areas and 2D laser marking.

Tim Constantine, Manufacturing Director of the Newark plant comments, ‘We are extremely proud of our plant, the investment that has gone into it and the products it produces, however, not all of our customers and partners can readily visit the plant. What we wanted to do with this movie was to be able to take viewers through the process of manufacturing a precision bearing and at the same time allow visual access to the plant itself from anywhere in the world.’ Simone Albayrak, European Marketing Manager for NSK Europe adds, ‘Not everyone knows what a crucial role precision bearings play in industrial applications, hence we go further than just the manufacturing process and show where the bearings are used in machine tool spindles and explore some of the products made by those machines. If the viewer is interested in ‘how things are made’ from an engineering point of view we feel a few minutes spent watching the movie should prove both informative and an enjoyable watch.’

The recent investment in the NSK plant in Newark UK was dedicated to improve workflow following lean principles, create new clean production areas and implement the latest warehousing technology.

For more details on the Super Precision bearings or to discuss the specification of bearings for all applications, please contact NSK.

NSK Channel on YouTube

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