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O Firmie - 2014-09-03

NSK Videos on YouTube Channel

NSK Europe has launched a new YouTube channel which enables end-users and distributors to keep abreast of the latest product developments and manufacturing trends from within the international bearing manufacturing group.
Visit the NSK YouTube channel at: www.youtube.com/user/nskeurope/videos

As tablets and other mobile devices become increasingly popular, more people are turning to internet videos as their preferential source of information. NSK has taken advantage of this trend to create a single channel to host information about its products and its hi-tech production facilities. 

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then an insightful video can be worth several more and is also easier to absorb. When dealing with technical products and tricky industrial processes, it is much easier to get a message across using video than it is to describe it in text. This is why there is a growing trend within engineering circles to use online video content to promote new ideas and technology where previously they had to rely on lengthy operator manuals and white papers.

NSK is one of the companies that have exploited the rising popularity of videos to open up a new line of communication with its end-users to show them the real term benefits of specifying their products. The YouTube channel allows engineers to browse through the NSK library of product videos and even take a tour around some of the production facilities to see how the bearings are made.

All of the videos on the channel are produced with NSK customers and end-users in mind; to educate them about the products and services provided. For example, one video gives a virtual tour of the Super Precision Bearings manufacturing plant in Newark. It shows how the bearings are manufactured, tested and tracked to guarantee absolute reliability in every product.

The channel will be regularly updated with new content and NSK welcomes feedback from all distributors and end-users and will endeavour to create new content based on the requirements of its viewers.


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