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O Firmie - 2011-05-31

Eco Shell Marathon 2011

NSK congratulates Microjoule and Polyjoule teams, winners once again in their respective categories! 

During 26-28th May 2011 there were three days fierce competition between 187 student teams from over 24 countries in Lausitz, Germany. For many years now, the Shell Eco-marathon challenge has been offering a great platform for technical schools and universities to develop the most energy efficient prototypes in the various power source technologies.

La Joliverie won again this year in the Internal Combustion Engine category as their prototype Microjoule drove 3,688.2 km with only 1 litre of petrol (0.729 g/km CO2). Also among the winners was Polyjoule from Polytech Nantes (France) who achieved a new record in the Hydrogen fuel cell category with 590.2 km/kWh, beating their 2010 performance of 563 km/kWh. This represents a CO2 emission value of only 0.639 g/km! Further teams achieved astonishing results in other categories such as solar energy or plug-in vehicles.

Both Polyjoule and Microjoule prototypes are using NSK bearings and we are looking forward to further supporting the teams in achieving new best-in-class performances in the future.

As a leader in the field of Motion & Control working together with the top automakers and suppliers around the world, NSK provides solutions that offer higher performance and lower friction in a compact space. Intelligent steering systems, rolling bearings for chassis, drive train, engines and accessories – our products ensure efficient fuel consumption and enhanced active and passive safety in vehicles.

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