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Łożyska - 2010-06-09

Bearings Maintenance

Pocket-Sized Guide Provides a Handy "At-a-Glance" Reference for All Aspects of Rolling Bearing Maintenance


NSK has produced a handy, pocket- sized guide covering all aspects of rolling bearing maintenance. Running to over 80 pages, the free guide is spiral bound to enable easy reading of individual sections by engineers in the work shop or in the field.

The pocket guide is designed to help bearing users overcome the damaging effects of incorrect specification, mounting and improper handling, which are the most common causes of premature bearing failure. It also gives the user comprehensive data, listing common causes for bearing failures and the countermeasures that can be employed to eliminate them.

The pocket guide provides comprehensive sections, all of which are easy to assimilate, and are complemented by charts and graphs that provide at-a-glance information on such topics as basic bearing types; the ordering of replacement bearings – this via an easy to understand flow chart; care and maintenance; the importance of proper fits; tolerances for housing bore diameters; mounting and bearing lubrication.

In addition to its comprehensive illustrations and charts, what also sets the pocket guide apart is its Bearing Doctor section. This provides clear images and explanations of a wide variety of bearing failures. Each image is in full colour and is accompanied by a description of the symptom of the failure, its possible cause and countermeasures to overcome it.

Free copies of “Maintenance of Bearings” pocket guide are available from NSK’s Tel. free phone: 0500 2327464. Callers should quote the publication reference: PG/A/E/03.10, and the title of the publication. Alternatively, open/download the publication by clicking the link below:

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