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Łożyska - 2010-12-07

HTF-SRE Series High-Speed, High-Load Large Ball Screws

Designed to Accelerate Operation of Large Injection Molding Machines and Mechanical Presses


History of High-Load Ball Screw Production at NSK

1996: NSK became the first company to release a “HTF Series” High-Load Drive Ball Screw product line. (Shaft diameter 32 to 200 mm, screw lead 10 to 32 mm)

2005: NSK launched a new product line of “HTF-SRC Series” ball screws featuring a new ball recirculation system designed for higher speed operation. (Shaft diameter 50 to 120 mm, screw lead 14 to 25 mm)

2006: NSK launched a new product line of “HTF-SRD Series” ball screws that feature a longer screw lead designed for higher-speed operation. (Shaft diameter 50 to 120 mm, screw lead 32 to 70 mm

Recent years have seen increased use of small and medium-sized high-speed injection molding machines for producing light guide plates for LCD panels and various connectors for use in automobiles. NSK has focused its efforts on producing ball screws with shaft diameters up to 120 mm to meet the demand for higher-speed operation.

Development background

There has been growing demand for higher-speed and high acceleration/deceleration capabilities in medium-sized and large injection molding machines used for producing the plastic components surrounding the instrument panel in automobile interiors and storage cases and other large plastic items, as a way to boost productivity. In line with this trend, there is now demand for higher rotation speeds for large ball screws in the 140 mm and higher shaft diameter range.

NSK has developed the new “HTF-SRE Series” high-speed, high-load large ball screws, featuring a new ball recirculation system, which effectively doubles the maximum rotation speed limit.

Product features End Deflector Recirculation System, which picks up balls in the direction they are moving (patent pending)

NSK’s newly-developed End Deflector Recirculation System improves the strength of recirculation components. This has made it possible to double the level of high-speed rotation, as compared with existing products, when using 1-inch size large balls together with shaft diameters of 140 mm or more. (Allowable dn value is 100,000)

Expanded High-Speed, Large Ball Screw Lineup

The high-speed, large ball screw lineup has been significantly expanded, compared with existing products, with shaft diameters now in the 140 to 200 mm range and screw leads in the 25 to 100 mm range.
Based on NSK’s Proprietary High-Load Technologies
NSK technologies in the field of high-load ball screw applications (even load distribution, ball retaining pieces, etc.) are employed.

Having already achieved the number one global share in the ball screw market, NSK is now focusing on providing solutions for the demands of a diverse range of markets.

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