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Enhance your skills –

boost profitability and customer satisfaction

Expand on the knowledge you use in your day-to-day work and utilise NSK bearings to maximise machines’ lifelong performance. Our training courses will make your staff more efficient – and help you to benefit from higher profitability thanks to reduced maintenance times and long-term customer loyalty.

Professional courses at new NSK training centres

The new training programme includes a large variety of well-proven courses that focus on the major learning needs of those involved in specifying, using and maintaining bearings.

Our maintenance and service training programme helps you and your clients to optimise the lifespan of both bearings and machinery, thereby reducing costs. Our new training centres are the ideal place to update your expertise. The courses available at the two centres – located at our sites in Guyancourt (France) and Tilburg (Netherlands) – include intensive practical exercises on mounting and dismounting bearings using NSK’s range of maintenance tools.

The combination of theoretical and practical training ensures successful learning outcomes for both you and your team.

Training can also be delivered at any other NSK site in Europe or at your own premises. Please contact us if you would like to get training in a different location.

Our instructors – specialists on hand to help you

Our instructors are application engineers with vast technical expertise, training qualifications and an understanding of specific sector demands.


Bearing Technology 1
Location:Tilburg, Netherlands
Ref. Nr.:02_TI_20181120
Introduction to Bearings
Location:Tilburg, Netherlands
Ref. Nr.:01_TI_20181127


Bearing Diagnostics
Location:Guyancourt, France
Ref. Nr.:04_GU_20181204
Bearing Technology I
Location:Tilburg, Netherlands
Ref. Nr.:02_TI_20181211
Laser Alignment - Shaft
Location:Tilburg, Netherlands
Ref. Nr.:06_TI_20181213


Introduction to Bearings

Overview of the function of a bearing and a range of bearings available as well as the nomenclature used. Application of bearings for variations of load type and direction.

Duration: ½ day

Costs: 250€


Advanced Bearing Technology I

Detailed overview on the design and features of bearings, including effects on the performance for various options.

Duration: ½ day

Costs: 450€


Advanced Bearing Technology II (Special Products)

Detailed design and features of bearing including effects on performance for various options. Focus on special bearings for arduous environments.

Duration: ½ day

Costs: 450€


Bearing Diagnostics

Understanding of bearing failure analysis and how to spot common failure models.

Duration: ½ day

Costs: 250€


Laser Alignment Shaft

An introduction to alignment theory and a detailed explanation on how to use the NSK LAS - Set to achieve perfect shaft alignment.

Duration: ½ day

Costs: 250€


Laser Alignment Belt

An introduction to alignment theory and a detailed explanation on how to use the NSK LAB - Set to achieve perfect belt alignment.

Duration: 2-3 hours

Costs: 175€


Handling & Storage

Best practice bearing handling and storage for optimum bearing life.

Duration: 2-3 hours

Costs: 175€

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