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O Firmie - 2016-05-06

NSK Environmental Reporting - 2015 CSR Report

At NSK, we strive to develop products that not only make the world turn, but encourage innovation for each new era to continue the quest for zero energy loss.  To help our customers, stakeholders and community follow NSK’s progress; a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Report is published annually.  
The 2015 CSR Report details the governance, social and environmental initiatives of our company.

Our 2015 CSR Report was recognized for “Outstanding Achievement in the field of Environmental Reporting” for the second consecutive year by The Environmental Communication Awards.  Launched in 1998, the Japan Ministry of the Environment & Global Environmental Forum established the Environmental Communication Awards recognizing companies’ who communicate and report environmental initiatives.

Five core principles which include governance, quality assurance, good labor practices, local community and environment are communicated within this report.  The 2015 CSR Report highlights areas in which we can build a stronger business foundation, contribute to the well-being and safety of society, protect global environment and establish our 2026 Vision.

November 8, 2016 marks NSK’s 100th year anniversary.  And while this is cause for celebration, it also demands NSK to look ahead and determine how we will continue to set the future in motion.  To view our entire CSR report, visit our website.

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