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O Firmie - 2013-02-27

Gildemeister presents supplier of the year award for quality to NSK

Gildemeister AG, which has a worldwide reputation as a leading manufacturer of machine tools, has presented its ‘Supplier of the year’ award for quality to NSK Deutschland GmbH.

The prize was awarded in January 2013 during a supplier event attended by approximately 250 people.

NSK has been supplying Gildemeister for many years with high-precision bearings specially developed for main spindles in machine tools. The spindles operate at high speeds and the bearings have to absorb considerable processing forces. This means that they have to be manufactured to very high precision standards. Gildemeister uses various series of NSK high-precision bearings, which have proved that they fulfil all the relevant requirements. 

Most of the spindle bearings NSK supplies to several of Gildemeister’s production sites in Europe and China are manufactured at a British plant belonging to NSK’s global network. This plant focuses on developing and producing high-precision bearings for the international machine tool industry.


Günter Bachmann, member of the Executive Board of Gildemeister AG (second from left), and Timo Reckermann, Director of Central Purchasing at DMG (right), present the ‘Supplier of the year’ award to NSK’s quality and sector management team.
(Photo courtesy of Gildemeister AG)

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