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Łożyska - 2012-08-21

Cylindrical Roller Bearing

NSK has published a free brochure outlining the features, advantages and benefits of its market-leading EM and EW series of cylindrical roller bearings (CRB)  for use in demanding applications that require high radial loads as well as the convenience and  time saving advantages of easy assembly.

Both the EM and EW series bearings have been introduced to meet modern industry demands for improved levels of load capacity, reliability and operating life. They offer key operating advantages compared to conventional CRB designs. 

The EM has a unique one-piece cage design that enables a greater number of larger rollers to be integrated, resulting in up to 30% higher load capacity than conventional riveted brass cage bearings of similar size. The optimised one-piece cage design also ensures higher rigidity, lower temperature running, quieter operation and longer operating life.

The EW differs from the EM series with a pressed cage, manufactured from a special steel developed by NSK. The combination of this cage material and an increased roller complement has enabled NSK to produce a unique design of cylindrical roller bearing (CRB) which offers up to 20% higher load capacity, quieter operation (up to 7db lower) and lower temperature running than conventional bearings of the same size.

The publication covering the EM and EW series extends to 23 pages and includes useful data on internal design of the bearings, the results of FEM analysis for both series, and bearing tables providing all dimensional, load rating and limiting speed information in an easy-to-read tabular format.   

Free copies of the CRB brochure are available via NSK’s Freephone service Tel: 0500 2327464. Callers should quote the catalogue reference: EMEW/A/E/06.12, and also the title of the publication: ‘Cylindrical Roller Bearings E Series’.

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