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Łożyska - 2012-08-03

NSK Linear Guides

NSK is targeting design engineers, machine builders and machine refurbishers with a new free, technical publication covering the company’s comprehensive ranges of  linear guides  and lubrication units for use in light, medium  and heavy duty and super precision motion applications. 

The 61- page A4 publication covers nine series of  precision linear guides, from  the lightweight, miniature PU and PE series, to the low  cost TS series, the LW series for wide rail applications; the roller guide RA series, with super high load capacity; the compact LS series; and the highly versatile LH basic series. A number of these precision guides are available in stainless steel for high corrosion resistance, and are complemented by two types of lubrication systems: NSK’s innovative  K1 lubrication unit, for long term maintenance-free operation – up to 5-years or 50,000km -  and a grease unit for manual application.

The new publication gives design engineers all the data they require in order to specify guides that meet the specific requirements of their motion systems. Each guide series is shown individually with its specific features highlighted; and each is supported with a double page graphical/tabular format that gives full sizing information via convenient charts; and the technical data regarding static and dynamic load ratings, static moments, width, pitch, heights and weights and also maximum guide lengths.

Additional  sections provide  comprehensive data on accessories for use with the guides, such as double  seals  and protectors;  and also provide in-depth information on lubrication options and grease types; the latter depending upon the operating environment.

 Free copies of the Linear Guides publication are available via NSK’s Freephone service Tel: 0500 2327464. Callers should quote the catalogue reference LGS/A/E/04.12,and also the title of the publication: ‘Linear Guides Standard Items’.

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